Dust Control and Sealing

Are you noticing that there’s just a lot of dust inside your home or other type of property? If you’re keeping your windows closed at all times, and you still deal with a lot of dust the chances are the surrounding insulation around one or more of the air ducts in your house could be the problem. Old insulation, particularly the type that was installed long ago is known for literally turning into dust. So what usually happens is that the dust gets into the air vents. This can cause a lot of problems. Not just getting dust all over the place, but that’s a leading cause of allergies for people in the building. We can help fix the issue.

The First Step Is Checking Your Insulation

This idea is simple enough. Naturally if you’re spotting a lot of dust there could be other explanations to the problem that don’t necessarily include your insulation. The only way that you’re going to be able to rule out your insulation as a possible culprit is through an inspection. We’ll be more than happy to provide one for you.

Removing The Old Insulation

This is going to be the first process that we’re going to have to go through in most cases. When we find that the insulation has literally turned to dust it’s more of a clean up service than a removal service if we’re being honest. In any case we’re going to make sure that we are able to prep the area accordingly to then go in and make the necessary adjustments. The removal process is going to be included in the price tag for the insulation installation, or whatever procedure it is that we feel suits us better.   

Choosing The Right Type of Insulation To Make Sure You Don’t Have This Problem Again

One of the main issues that causes your insulation to turn to dust is the fact that the right type of insulation wasn’t used in the first place. A common theme is having insulation issues that are coming from your attic or whatever room it is that your furnace is in. The type of insulation that was originally used literally couldn’t take the heat. When that happens it can turn to dust. We are going to make sure that we use the right type of insulation so that you don’t have those types of problems. 

What If That’s Not The Problem?

Then we’ll let you know and we can discuss other alternatives. We want to make clear here though that we are not going to be pushing you into procedures that you don’t need. If we can’t trace your problem back to something that we can help you with we’ll be sure to let you know. We certainly feel that as a company it’s never a good idea to overreach on the services that we provide. What usually ends up happening is that the customer isn’t happy because we said we could do something we couldn’t. So we just avoid that.

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